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Our SWEETEST Customers Yet

Pure Love Bakery has been composting with us since the beginning of 2018. Pure love bakery is known for their Gluten Free products such as their irresistible pastries, and don’t forget their delectable granola! Located in Avon, CT, this bakery produces picture perfect products made with loads of love and laughter.

"We had wanted to compost since we opened, but with garbage removal not allowed on the premises, we thought we had no option. We reached out to Blue Earth Compost, and they told us that they would deliver as well as pickup the bins right inside the bakery. The system has been so easy, affordable and there is no odor! We have gone from bringing out trash every day to just twice a week. Not one down side and we feel so great that all of our parchment paper, egg shells, coffee grounds and food scraps are not going in a landfill. We would highly recommend!"

  • Karen Gauvain of Pure Love Bakery

Kat, our social media/education guru here at Blue Earth Compost can’t have gluten, and she indulges in this bakery’s products! She knows the struggle of finding good gluten free eats in CT, look no further, the answer is Pure Love Bakery! Can you consume gluten? No problem. You wont be able to tell the difference. No scams here, just an environmentally conscious, darn good bakery.

Since composting with us, they have composted around 1,795lbs of compost!

That's equivalent to saving around 51 gallons of gasoline from being burned, and saving just under 1,000lbs of CO2 from being pumped into our atmosphere.

Cheers to many more months of composting!


Blue Earth Compost

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