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Our Mission is Focused on the Environment

We were founded on a simple premise; that food scraps do not belong in a landfill or incinerator. Instead, they should be recycled back into soil so that they continue their life cycle by becoming compost. In this way, we can build healthy and resilient soils capable of nurturing healthy plants and people.

Our mission is to change the way that people think about "waste". To this end, Blue Earth Compost makes composting accessible to homes, businesses, and events. In the process, Blue Earth Compost will be a force for positive change by improving our environment, creating good green jobs, engaging with our community, and by advocating for social and environmental issues.

Blue Earth Compost has committed to becoming a zero emissions business by 2030. This means we intend to run all of our operations on renewable energy sources including trucks and equipment.

A Family-owned Small Business

Blue Earth Compost was started in 2013 in West Hartford by Susannah Castle. She moved in early 2014 and sold the business to the Williams Family. It's been in Alex Williams careful stewardship ever since.  In 2017, the business formally moved to the City of Hartford and in 2020, long-time employee, Sam King, became a part-owner.

We are a Certified B-Corp

B Corps are held to a triple bottom line, meaning that they must analyze how their businesses perform socially and environmentally as well as financially. B Corps must walk the walk of corporate responsibility. In 2022, Blue Earth Compost was recognized as a "Best for the World" for our company size.

A Longstanding Tradition

We've been at the forefront of this movement for more than ten years.

Our Social Impact

Blue Earth Compost engages with the  communities that it serves by partnering with schools, non-profits, activist organizations, and church groups. With these groups we provide recycling education as well as donations in the form of compost deliveries for community gardens and financial contributions.

We also know that that which is good for the environment is also good for the economy. Blue Earth Compost is committed to paying a living wage to its employees as well as providing career opportunities to individuals that face barriers to employment, such as those that have been previously incarcerated.

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