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Food in the Trash is a Missed Opportunity: Food is the largest part of the waste stream and the least recycled

We Can Help Make your Business More Sustainable

We provide food scrap collection services for all sizes and styles of businesses and institutions. Our service is customizable to your needs and includes training services, signage, and weight reporting. All food scraps are brought to licensed composting and anaerobic digestion facilities.



We provide the containers, collections and expertise to get you composting. We offer rolling carts, small dumpsters, and the ability to collect pallets.

We put you on a collection schedule that works for you. We'll come once a week, multiple times per week, or on-call.

We provide trainings and will work with you to design a program that fits your establishment. Signage available too!


COST EFFECTIVE: You are paying to incinerate your food scraps or have them hauled hundreds of miles away to a landfill. Instead, choose Blue Earth Compost and know you're doing the right thing with your money.

CLEANLINESS: We can clean every receptacle we give to you, mitigating any pest and odor issues. You can bring them right inside and fill them where the food scraps are created.

MARKETING & REPORTING: We provide detailed data on the amount of food scraps you divert and the resulting environmental benefits. Use this data to share your commitment to the planet with your customers.

Who can benefit?

  • Grocery Stores

  • Hotels

  • Food Distributors & Processors

  • Universities & Colleges

  • Restaurants & Cafes

  • Hospitals

  • Sports & Entertainment Venues

  • Commercial Buildings

  • Offices & Residential Buildings

  • Senior Living Facilities

  • Public & Private Schools

Our Technology

Our goal is to provide a wide range of service options to our customers. Our team is dedicated to finding unique and creative solutions that will improve your operations and add value to your organization.

Examples of our service options:

• Cart Tipping for 32 & 65-gallon carts

• Cart Exchange for 32 & 65-gallon carts

• Tipping for 2-3 yard dumpsters

• IBCs, Gaylords and Palletized Material

• Cart & Dumpster Cleaning

• Receptacle Liners for 32 & 65-gallon carts



Rhode island,


& Westchester County, NY

Some of the customers that make us the top food scrap hauler in CT.

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Lindsey C. from Sodexo

"We began our program with Blue Earth Compost and it has been very successful and beneficial to our operations. They are very easy to work with and are readily available and willing to help to make the program work for both parties. The Blue Earth team is organized and helpful. We are very happy with the services provided and are thrilled that we are helping the environment and being responsible with our food waste. We are proud to see the company continuing to grow and work with other communities."1

Lelaneia D.  from Hartford Flavor Co

“We partner with Blue Earth Compost to organically recycle our natural waste. They are efficient, punctual, and thoughtful. We are very happy with their service, and are overjoyed to have a service like this in our area. They are doing an active part in helping the planet for all of us, and we need more people to become conscious of the need for a company like this. Blue Earth is the change we need to see in the world.”

Toby C. from Chartwells at Trinity College

“Blue Earth Compost is a pleasure to work with; they are very responsive to our needs while providing a high quality, reliable service. They are wholly focused on environmental stewardship. It is a certified B-Corp whose entire mission is to reduce the amount of food waste in the landfill and turn “trash” into “treasure”. Blue Earth is a leader in food scrap collection and has collected more food waste than any other hauler in the state.

We’ve had nothing but positive experiences with Blue Earth Compost and we highly recommend their services.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Got Scraps? Make Soil! Reach Out Here.

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