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Most common household trash cannot be recycled in your curbside recycling bin - leading to a significant amount ending up in the landfill or incineration. Now with Zero Waste Bag by Blue Earth Compost, recycle everything from plastic packaging to Styrofoam™, toys, and more through our partnership with TerraCycle. Can you truly recycle everything? Well, almost!

How it works

Purchase: We sell the Zero Waste Bags online and we'll deliver them to your home.

Collect: Fill the Zero Waste Bag, seal it and then place it with your Blue Earth Compost pail or on your doorstep. Only one item type per bag.

Schedule: If you are not currently a customer of our food scrap collection service, log into your account to schedule a collection.

Recycle: We'll collect the Zero Waste Bag, bring it to TerraCycle and #RecycleEverything!

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