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What Can I Compost? -Updated

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Believe it or not, we get asked this all the time! I guess it's not that unbelievable, but to save our voices a little bit from all of the 'splaining, we are putting up this handy post so that you all have a reliable guide as to what you can compost.

This here is a pretty good guide. It's geared towards homes, but most of the information is the same. If you are looking for more info for your business or school, let us know and we can hook you up with those details as well. Anyways, here goes:

For the Green Pail

Meat and bones

Shellfish and fish products

Dairy products

Egg shells

Vegetable and fruit scraps including pits and peels

Condiments and spices

Pasta, bread, and cereals

Coffee grounds, filters, and tea bags

Soiled food paper

Muffin and cupcake wrappers

Parchment or baking paper

Plants and herbs

Not for the Pail

Metal of ANY kind including aluminum foil

Plastic of ANY kind including "compostable" plastics

Glass of ANY kind


Candles, corks, and gum

Twist ties and rubber bands

Artificial flowers and plants

Disposable mop and cleaning sheets

Fireplace or barbeque ashes

Hot liquids

Plastic gloves

Pizza boxes

Paper Towels

Don't see what you are looking for? Give us a holler and we'll answer it for you.

Until next time, happy composting!

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