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The Three "C"s!

Hey Loyal Composters,

One of my favorite jokes to tell kids goes like this:

*In a pirate's deep, gravely, tone*: "What's a pirate's favorite letter?"

The kid will then invariably respond (hopefully with the same tone): "Aaaarrrrrr!"

To which I'll respond: "No! It's the C!"

And then we'll both laugh heartily, because we are now the bestest of pirate pals.

The reason I bring this up is because you should consider having "C" be your favorite letter as well! That's because "C", or rather the Three "C's", are your key to a clean and pest-free compost container during the warmer months. The Three "C's" are, Clean, Cool, and Covered!

Clean - During these warmer months we recommend cleaning your pail weekly with dish soap and hot water. This will ensure that it doesn't become a beacon for pests and smells. If you've opted for our cleaning service than we've already got a lot of this taken care of. But even still, it's important that when you're using your pail at home that you clean up any accidental spills on the outside of your container. Also be cognizant that, if the bag gets dirty, it can also attract insects. If that occurs, we recommend tucking it fully inside the container.

Cool - You'll be able to avoid a lot of potential problems by keeping your pail in a cool dark area, like under a sink or in a closet. If you eat meat or cheese, we recommend storing these scraps in a bag in your freezer or fridge until collection day and putting them in the pail at that time.

Covered - It's absolutely essential to make sure that you fully close the lid to your pail after every use. Even a small gap will allow insects to get in and have a feast. The snap lids are designed to tightly close for this reason (they can be a little tough to pry open again, sorry!). If you don't have a functioning lid, please let us know and we'll do our best to help.

Just know, that we are here to help. If you are having any trouble just let us know. If you are interested in more tips, like using citrus oils or newspaper to help with smells and pests, you can check out our blog here.

Thanks and happy composting,

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