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The company that will run in the West Hartford Pilot Program is…..

Blue Earth Compost! Ladles and Jelly Spoons! We Won! The Town of West Hartford informed us that we'll be company hired to run a 700 home pilot program starting in April of 2023.

It’s still hard to wrap our heads around.

We know we put it in a rock solid proposal (It was 85 pages!). We know that we have the reputation and the experience. But we also know that we wouldn’t have won without you. This isn’t only a Blue Earth Compost win. It’s not just a win for the “little guy”. This is a win for everyone that believes in us and our supporters from the very beginning all the way until now.

Being awarded the contract for this pilot program is a culmination of nearly ten years of hard work. We’ve been dedicated to the goal of making composting mainstream in our communities and it’s so fulfilling to know that we’ll get to continue to carry that forward in the town that we were founded in.

We went from being shut out of any formal process for selecting a contractor to being a unanimous choice. This is unquestionably because of the advocacy that you displayed in asking for us to get a shot. West Hartford’s administration hadn’t seen this much public interest on any topic, let alone “trash”, in years.

The pilot will begin around the end of April and continue for 9 months with the ability for the Town to extend it. We hope that this will eventually become a permanent program and one that is offered to all residents in the coming years.

When we win, we win together! We’re grateful for this next big step in our journey.

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