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Blue Earth Basics- Learn how composting with us works!

Food is a great unifier. Beyond being necessary for our physical health, it is also a way that we tell stories, share culture, and build community. However, when we throw away our food, as prep cuttings, leftovers, or the occasional spoiled veggie at the back of our fridge, we break up that unity. This is because we are breaking the food cycle and losing the valuable nutrients that food can offer to the soil that will eventually grow more food. It’s important to reduce as much waste as possible, but in the end there will alway be some scraps. That’s what we, at Blue Earth Compost, are happy to help you and your family with - turning your scraps into soil and clean energy!

Blue Earth Compost is based in Hartford, CT and we serve Greater Hartford county along with Middletown, Branford, and Guilford. Our process is simple and signing up is quick. To start composting with us in your home, first head to our website and fill out the sign-up form to create an account. Select how often you would prefer pickup, weekly or bi-weekly. Easiest of all, there’s a two week free trial period with initial sign up.

We supply you with a four-gallon green pail and a compostable bag along with a postcard that tells you what is acceptable to compost. What we like to say here at Blue Earth is, if it grows, it goes! Once your pail is full, we’ll pick it up at the frequency you choose and send it off to Quantum Biopower located in Southington, CT. Here, the scraps are then rapidly decomposed in their anaerobic digester. Anaerobic means to transform energy without the use of oxygen. This allows for an exponentially faster rate of decay and through this process, methane is released. Quantum Biopower then collects the methane and it is burned to provide electricity. The solids left over from the digester goes through a curing process and is then ready to use. Compost is great to use as a high grade fertilizer which Blue Earth provides for our residential customers as a part of our service. Additionally, we connect with local breweries to reuse the grain bags from their process to package your compost fertilizer. It’s important to us that we encourage our community to be a part of our efforts towards reducing our carbon footprint.

Blue Earth Compost understands that the issue of better environmental care begins with what we can do in our own homes and businesses. We are all a part of a global community that depends not only on the resources of the land but depends also on the maintenance and rejuvenation of those resources. Consider signing up today and your first two weeks are on us! CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP

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