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Preventing Pests - 5 Tips

Summer is a great time of year because of all the wonderful wildlife that we can go see in Connecticut. However we don't want to see animals and insects inside the house, especially near the compost (except for the dogs, they are the cutest). Here are some tips to cut down on any pest related issues you may be having.

Tightly Close the Lid - It seems simple, but most pest issues come from being able to get inside the bin the easy way. Make sure the bin is completely closed by listening for the snap.

Keep the Pests Outside and the Compost Inside - It's tempting to want to keep pests out of your home by keeping the compost bin out there as well, but it's actually better to keep it inside because you'll be tempting all the animals in the neighborhood to get a free meal. You might also be attracting some of them inside as well when you use the bin.

Compost Your Newspaper? - Lining your compostable bag with newspaper will absorb some of the liquid created by decomposition, thus slowing the rate and mitigating the smell. The drier your compost bin is the less likely pests will want in.

Let Us Know if You Are Going on Vacation - We will pick up on off days.

Baking Soda for Deodorization - It works in the fridge and in the compost bin too! Put it under the bag when you receive your bin.

If you are experiencing any other issues, please let us know! We'd love to figure out a solution for you and help make your composting experience clean and simple. Drop us a line with other tips that you use as well!

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