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Dinner with BEC V.1

Dinner with Blue Earth Compost will be an ongoing blog post for Blue Earth Compost in which we highlight the culinary expertise of our loyal composters by having dinner with them. It gives us a chance to see how people interact with their compost bin and to eat some delicious food to tell you all about it.

Host: Steph Sperber

Meal: Rainbow kabobs over Quinoa

Drinks: Dogfish Head 60 minute IPA & Flying Dog Old Bay Summer Ale

Steph told us that she jumped at the idea of cooking for the Blue Earth Dudes before she even knew what it was for. Lucky for us, when she did find out why we wanted to come over she was still excited. We were in for a real treat as Steph was not only a fantastic chef, but also a great host who regaled us with the trials, tribulations, and successes of being a middle school teacher.

Steph gained her love of cooking for others from living in a Jewish Cooperative House called the Moishe House. They hosted multiple community dinners per month and as the cook she saw all the food scraps that were going to waste. In her view, when she heard about about Blue Earth she found a better solution. Now she lives in an apartment in West Hartford but continues to compost along with her downstairs neighbors.

Our host told us while she was making the meal that she was raised to believe that each meal should contain all the colors. The rainbow kebabs were an excellent example of this as they featured them in order. The kebabs were absolutely delicious, sweet pineapple and apricot melding with savory tomatoes and steak. The quinoa provided a hearty balance while the IPA and ale provided a crisp counterpart that smoothed out all the strong flavors.

Photos taken by Justin O'Brien

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