Welcome to a New Way of Thinking about Waste.

Blue Earth Compost turns your scraps into soil you can use.



Homes, apartments, condos, and more. Pick up once a week or twice a month. Simple, clean, and easy.

From the corner cafe to national corporations, we customize our service to your needs.

Want to make your event zero waste? We give you the tools and knowledge to make it happen.

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Food scraps are resources, not waste - they don’t belong in the trash.

Instead, you can put them to work to create nutrient-rich compost that makes plants, flowers, and especially food, grow healthier, stronger, and tastier.


Blue Earth Compost is a food scrap collection service for residents and businesses in Connecticut. You collect your scraps, we'll pick them up and take care of the dirty work. The whole process is clean and easy.

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Commercial and institutional customers, click here.

Towns in the purple colored areas are Preregister Service Territories - Glastonbury, Madison, and Windsor. We don't currently provide collections there, but you can preregister by signing up here.



Food is the number one material sent to incinerators and landfills in America. We throw out 40% of our food every year along with all the water, hard work, and natural resources used to grow it!


At Blue Earth Compost, we are inspired by the idea that people want to do the right thing by their families, their communities, and their planet – they just need better systems and processes in place to accomplish this goal. As such, our mission is to make composting easier and more accessible in Connecticut, so we can improve our air, water, and soil. Since 2013, we have worked with homeowners, renters, and commercial entities, big and small, to achieve this goal. Read more.