Feed the Earth is our campaign to bring creative solutions for food scrap collection to towns and cities. Food waste occurs in many places - homes, businesses, and institutions. Each require a customized approach. Learn about some of our projects below.



Feed the Earth

Feed the Earth - Middletown is a food scrap collection initiative for businesses in the Downtown Sanitation District. The program, which is free to participants, involves outreach, signage, education and containers, as well as collection services. Every ton that is diverted improves the environment and saves the City of Middletown money on their disposal fees. To see press and a list of participating restaurants, click here. To learn more, contact us.



Feed the Earth

Feed the Earth - Branford gives residents the opportunity to compost at the curb and at their town transfer station. Locals of the Short Beach neighborhood can participate in a 100 household free pilot program for collections at the curb. This program is modeled after our residential service. To sign up, click here. Residents can also drop off their food scraps at the town transfer station in specially marked containers. This service is free of charge. To learn more about the transfer station program, contact Diana.



Feed the Earth

Feed the Earth - Essex allows residents can send their scraps to compost by dropping them off at the town's transfer station. There are specially marked containers for use and the program is free of charge. To learn more, click here.

Additionally, the Sustainable Essex Committee is encouraging restaurants in town to work with us to compost! Reach out to learn more.