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About Us

There are areas on the planet called Blue Zones where people are living longer and considerably healthier lives, in part because they eat more nutritious food and are socially and environmentally engaged. We chose our name to echo this goal of improving our communities health and vitality through composting.


We were founded in 2013 by Susannah Castle in West Hartford, CT. Once the seed for Blue Earth Compost was firmly planted, Susannah left the growth of the company in the capable hands of Alex Williams, who is the current Owner and Operator. With the help of Samuel King we have expanded the business and increased our impact.

We constantly seek to increase our commitment to a social, economic, and environmental mission. To this end, our commitment extends to our operations, supply chain, and our engagement as a Benefit Corporation.



Our business operations are guided by the mission intrinsically, but other ways that we express our commitment are:

  • Reusing equipment -  we save, clean, and reuse most of our gear, down to even the rubber bands that hold the liners in our carts.

  • Cleaning our carts with a pressure washer - pressure washers use around 10 times less water than a hose.

  • We supply compost back to our customers this completes the cycle of returning the valuable nutrients to the soil.

  • We have a strict no-idling policy for all company vehicles.

  • We recycle all packaging that is feasibly possible.

  • We compost at an anaerobic digestor that also creates renewable electricity from the process. Learn more here.



Blue Earth Compost uses a bin exchange system, where we replace the bins that are in use with new clean bins at each pick up. When seeking out other materials, such as our compostable wares or marketing supplies, we try to purchase locally and regionally, first.

  • We buy refurbished carts from  one of our suppliers, Otto Environmental Systems - Otto has expressed sustainability goals and strives to be an industry leader in regards to sustainable business practices.

  • Our residential liners and some commercial liners are made by BioBag and are completely compostable.

  • We order all of our equipment in bulk to minimize shipping.


Blue Earth Compost is a CT Benefit Corporation. A Benefit Corporation is a legal framework that creates a long-term alignment of mission and value creation. This is done by holding that the ownership of the business will be accountable to social and environmental goals in addition to financial ones.

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