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Unless you are like us, thinking about what happens to your food scraps is the last thing that you want to be concerned with when running a business. Let us take this burden off your plate and make food scraps something that you and your customers can think well of.


We customize our service to your needs and provide solutions for all types of businesses, from restaurants and coffee shops to universities and grocery stores. Our service is cost-effective, clean, and comprehensive, meaning all you have to worry about is how every pound of food scraps you divert from the incinerator means cleaner air, soil, and water for all of us.

Reasons Why Businesses are Choosing Blue Earth Compost
  • Cost Effective: You are paying to incinerate your food scraps. Instead, choose Blue Earth Compost and know you are doing the right thing with your money.

  • Cleanliness: We clean every receptacle we give to you, mitigating any pest and odor issues. You can bring them right inside and fill them where the food scraps are created.

  • Convenience:  Our carts and dumpsters are portable - bring them inside, fill them up, and bring them to the collection area. Simple as that.

  • Marketing: We provide detailed data on the amount of food scraps you divert and the resulting environmental benefits. Use this data to share your commitment to the planet with your customers.

  • Compliance: Some large food scrap generators are required by law to divert their food scraps. We are here to help you abide by CT DEEP's regulations.

  • Hands-On Approach: We are more than a collection service, we work with you on every step of the process to make the program a success.


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The Blue Earth team is organized and helpful.  We are very happy with the service nd the residents are thrilled that we are helping the environment and being responsible with our food waste. We are proud to see the company continuing to grow and work with other communities."

- L. Cowles - The McAuley Retirement Community