Blue Earth Compost is a food scrap pick-up service for the communities of Hartford and West Hartford, Connecticut. We'll help you turn unwanted food leftovers into rich, healthy soil without the mess and hassle of managing a compost bin. Our service includes a food scrap collection pail for your kitchen, a weekly pick-up of your compostable materials and a return delivery of finished compost. If you don’t need/want compost we'll donate it to local farms and gardens on your behalf. The end result is less landfill waste and more nutritious soil for our local community!

If you are curious about composting, try our service for two weeks at no charge. Getting started is easy – just complete our sign up form and we’ll deliver an organics collection pail right to your doorstep!

Planning a party or event? Blue Earth Compost can also help you throw a smarter shindig with zero food waste! Get in touch to find out more.

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